Philip Kotler | ফিলিপ কোটলার

Business does not require much investment

Philip Kotler | ফিলিপ কোটলার
Philip Kotler; Marketing Author;

If you have some special qualities of marketing then you can start from zero altogether. There is no need to invest heavily to start a business. I will now talk about a gentleman in New York. One day he took a beautiful sweater in a big fashion house in New York. He went there and told the authorities, he could give them a lot of sweater like this, only $ 10. They can sell them for $ 25-30. The fashion house agreed to buy a sweater. From a garment factory in Hong Kong, the gentleman gave the delivery of the sweater to only 7 dollars. He did good money without investing in it. Now talk about company level. Although ‘Nike’ is famous for making world-class quality shoes, they do not own shoes. There is no factory to make their shoes. They just make quality shoe designs in their lab. Then they are properly marketed by marketing If your production cost is more than another company, why would you make that thing by spending more? You can buy this item from them and you can do marketing. You do not need a big factory, you do not need much investment. Just be aware of timely marketing management.

Remember, marketing means not a just profit making business. Your responsibility is to make sure that the buyers want to do what they want, why they want them to be able to uphold them properly. It is not the purpose of marketing to engage the customer in any way. Success in achieving fair marketing by maintaining morality is the real success.






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