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Build Career as Quality Controller

We take into consideration the products we need in everyday life very safe. We do not have any idea about the quality of those products. We use it only by believing on the brand or level of the product. Our trust is promoted by a standard controller or quality controller. Increased with time, consumer interest and demand for improved quality products A lot of opportunities to build a career as a quality controller based on that demand.

What is the quality?

Quality is the acceptable and desirable quality of a product and the ability to meet the needs of customers and achieve satisfaction. Quality is required for both buyer and manufacturer.

In other words, the characteristics of the product are compatible with the needs of the purchaser, and the quality is very good.

Quality Control Material:

Quality of Product.
Quality of Process.
Quality of Product: Quality of Product means – Appreciation, Fabric, Design, Measurement, Stitching, Cleanliness, Presentation, Safety, Prize, Easy Availability.

Quality of Process: The Component of Quality of Process –

Matrix (Materials)
Why is the quality control needed?

Buyer or customer satisfaction
Ensure proper use of raw materials.
Reducing the rate of the deficit and increasing the production.
Maintain good relationships with buyers and customers.
Keep company’s reputation and reputation well-kept.
Reduce production costs and earn more profit.
Survival in the competitive market.


What could be the problem with low quality?

Low-quality product is not acceptable to the customer
Certain quantity of products can not be exported at fixed time
If the deficit is high then the production decreases
Time and money wasted for correction of lower quality products
Shipping is not possible at a particular time due to low production
Due to faulty and poor quality product supply, the buyer is fined
A customer does not have confidence in the company because of poor quality product delivery.

Career tips Quality Controller | ক্যারিয়ার টিপস কোয়ালিটি কন্ট্রোলার

Who is the Quality Controller?

The system that is standardized, controlled, verified and selected is called Quality Control. The work of the Quality Control Department is to control the quality of the product. Normally there are positions in the Quality Control section – quality assurance means value determinants, quality control money controllers, quality inspectors, quality supervisors and quality in-charge.


Responsibility for Quality Controller

The quality controllers in the industry properly understand the specific values of the product from the higher authority. They monitor and control worker’s work to meet specific criteria for the order (such as product design, size, quality, and accessories). They basically perform the product manufacturing work by maintaining the product quality.

In more detail, it can be said that a quality controller has to work responsibly from beginning to end of production. The responsibilities and responsibilities of the organization from financing to manufacturing are:

To take necessary steps for the production of right production from the start of the product to finishing and its application. Examine the quality standards of products produced according to the sample. Regularly test whether a product error is incorrect. Take steps to implement and implement steps to speedy recovery if there is an error. After the product inspection, produce the correct and accurate quality inspection report and submit it to the senior official. Regarding quality control, it is said that the brand value of the organization depends on the work of a responsible quality controller.

Quality Supervisor and quality inspector work is the section inspector who wants to work in the section to get the calcification of the calcification and understand it must be kept in mind. Reports will be reported daily to the boss.

Keeping in mind the overall responsibility of Quality Control Incharge Quality Control or Quality Control Department.

Quality Controller | কোয়ালিটি কন্ট্রোলার |

educational qualification

A person can build a career as a quality controller with an undergraduate/postgraduate degree. However, some organizations give priority to the degree holders of some special subjects for that position. Such as graduate in chemistry, graduate in textile engineering etc. Initially, a new graduate / postgraduate intern is starting a career as a management trainee or junior assistant of the quality controller. To be a Quality Control Supervisor and Quality Inspector, at least SSC must be passed.



At the beginning of the career, the salary structure of Management Trainee or Junior Assistant of Quality Controllers is 12-15 thousand. And earning around 90,000-1,200,000 by earning 6-7 years of experience. To work in this profession, one employee will have to work with a strong and responsible attitude.





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