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BCS Preparation : Which should be kept in mind

Everyone knows that this test is mainly done in three steps? Initially, the preliminary test is written, then all written and oral exams are at the end. The preliminary test of the new rules will be number 200. Time two hours By calculating, it can be understood that for every question it is available for an average time of 36 seconds. Along with this, you need to be careful, for every wrong answer you can be cut by half a number. That is why it is good to not answer any question without being absolutely sure. Now the geography (Bangladesh and The World), Environment and Disaster Management, Computer and Information Technology and Ethics, Values and Good Governance have been added to the Preliminary Examination. Apart from this, changes have also been made in writing and oral examination subjects and number distribution. So it is important to know about the changes. It is easy to make the best of calculations and make the best of the best.

BCS Preparation : Which should be kept in mind?

Normal quality students need to study at least 3 years regularly. The purpose is not to reach the target without proper study. It is better not to give importance to a particular subject. Because all the issues need to be equally important for this test. Otherwise, one part may become weak. If you fail with only one test, you should not get depressed. This test is available for a long time. So, once you do not stop with a test, you may be given a number of tests. There is a need for strong attention to achieve success with the test. This examination should be done only on the pre-examination of the BCS exam. It is better not to pay attention to any other exam in this period. The examination syllabus should be read the whole. Not to read on the suggestion. Before the whole syllabus should be well known. Then the parts should read well. The practice of excluding the first thing is not really a job. Coaching is very important. At private level or at the private coaching center, it may be beneficial to study separately. Because, if not studying on a specific path, such a large syllabus can not be handled all the time. Firstly, there is a huge need for strategic studies in the BCS. It is difficult to handle it in a short time if it does not have the regular syllabus to study regularly. It is absolutely essential to have a clear understanding of the test candidates. It is also important to keep in mind how old age tests are. It is often seen that, in the right time, the testers can not prepare properly, thus causing frustration to the failure. Read the rules, read the calculations.

BCS Preparation | বিসিএস প্রস্তুতি

How can success come

The best in the BCS exam depends mainly on English, Mathematics, Science, and Bangla. Read those questions multiple times, read them multiple times. Although the new rules, however, to solve the exams, please solve past test questions. Are you mistaken to think that you will be able to wait for four to five months? It takes a minimum of 15 months to complete the entire syllabus. So wait, do not lose patience. Here the history of Bangla literature is very important in Bengali language and literature. You have to look into it. The main authors of Bengali literature should keep in mind the names and topics of all books. Keep the news every day. Read the newspaper with a great heart. For mathematical reasoning, mathematical books of the eighth, ninth and tenth class must be practiced. There is no alternative to regular mathematical practices. A little more attention will be seen, new additions, such as geography, computer, and information technology, psychic skills, but before that the question arises. Currently, the number is divided by just separating the contents. Therefore, the preparation will continue in the same way.


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